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Sam is an energetic and compelling solo performer.  An accomplished singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, he has captivated audiences from coast to coast.  His stage show is built around a collection of memorable original songs, with lyrics ranging from humorous to thought-provoking to bawdy.  Catchy choruses have even first-time audience members singing along. 

Along with the original tunes, he mixes in cover material both familiar and obscure.  Depending on the audience, he might play anything from Bill Monroe to Grateful Dead, from James Taylor to Bob Marley, from Louis Armstrong to the Avett Brothers.

In recent years Sam has incorporated "real time phrase sampling" (familiar to many through Keller Williams or Ed Sheeran) into his stage show, allowing him to lay down funk or rock grooves then solo over the rhythm section he has created before your eyes and ears. Must be seen & heard to be believed!

Acoustic guitar is his mainstay, but donít be surprised if he breaks out a mandolin, banjo, or bouzouki at some point. Sam has mastered many musical styles, from rock to bluegrass to blues to R&B to Celtic to reggae, and takes the audience on a journey with every show.

While the above describes his showcase performances, he also frequently performs for private events where he creates the mood (or moods) appropriate for the event - for example, for a wedding, he might play traditional instrumental music for the ceremony, background music early in the reception and then high-energy dance music by the end. Contact him to talk about what would make your event perfect!



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